Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Reading Reflection #12

Hunger Games (374) I really liked the strong female main character. @Cre8tiveHavoc #RR12

Writing Reflection #9

Writing Reflection # 9

Well at this point I actually have 50 tweets and I consider my story finished. I had a random day of inspiration and finished all in one day. I really liked writing twitter fictions. I’m a very long winded person so writing with the character restraint was actually a very enjoyable challenge.
Since I do write my own novels I did know the dialog rules and formatting already thanks to some of my fans on fanfiction telling me to make my fanfics easier to read. Though my story does have distinct sections I didn’t feel the need to break it into chapters.
Since I typed out my twitter fic right off the bat so I would have an easier time keeping track of my character count I don’t have the rough story boards and there for can’t post a picture of them.
As I previously said I’m finished, I have 50/30 tweets. My story is pretty emotional but I find telling depressing stories makes me more creative.
My story is an extended story, I do like short poetry but I find I’m better at longer fictions and I’m surprised mine isn’t longer than it is.
I don’t have any elements left; I actually got lucky with the character development though. I accidently put in character development without knowing what is was.
I have three images to put into my twitter fictions, all of which I took myself. I found that I was having a really easy time being descriptive in this story although do to the character limit I do feel that I’m lacking detail in some areas; but that might just be me.
Anyway thank you for reading, please check out my twitter fiction when it comes out in a couple weeks.
Desi H.

Writing Reflection #6

Writing Reflection #6

Well I am currently using my blog to promote my business. I have a few posts referencing Kanpekina Designs. Also the blogs are good for professionally showing off our work. I like having somewhere to post my thoughts and ask questions to other students. I also enjoy looking over my classmates work when I don’t understand an assignment because I find looking at examples helps me understand.

(I realize I’m doing this reflection a little late and I apologize but I don’t remember where I commented.)

When I leave comments I chose post that capture my attention or make me ask a question. I love learning new things and talking to other students normally provides me with some new and interesting information.
A good comment is something that actually engages the recipient, such as a question or some constructive criticism.
A bad comment is just something you say that doesn’t help the recipient at all. Something like just saying good job or nice pics without telling them why you like it would be a good example.
Some benefits of commenting on others blogs are starting conversations or having your questions answer by someone at you level or maybe even ahead of you.
The benefits of having people comment on your posts are similar. You start get to have conversations, but what I like better about receiving comments is getting someone elses opinion or feedback on my work; nothing better than a little constructive criticism.
 Anyway thanks for reading and I’m sorry this one took so long.
Desi H

Monday, 21 January 2013

Bucket List

1) Marry the love of my life, Devon Banman.
2) Have one of my books published.
3) Start a family.
4) Graduate from University.
5) Travel through Europe.
6) Walk along the beach at night with my love by my side.
7) Sponsor a kidthrough world vision.
8) Swim in the Atlantic.
9) Get a nice home in a good neighborhood.
10) Give my kids a better life then the one I've had.
11) Take a picture I'm truly proud of.
12) Keep my love happy. As much as I possibly can.
13) Donate a dollar whenever I get coffee from Tim's.
14) Hear my dad apologize for abandoning my brother and I.
15) Make my moma proud of me.
16) Preform at a sold out concert.
17) Be able to pay my friends back for everything they've done for me.
18) Hear my son or daughter tell me they love me.
19) Go on a cruise with my family. I don't like being alone.
20) Make enough money that my family will never struggle the way I have.
21) Have a good job that I enjoy doing.
22) Be able to support my kids through whatever post secondary they want, even if its none at all.
23) Attend the Olympics.
24) Let my grandparents retire comfortably.
25) Get my Grandma the car of her dreams.
26) Be able to help my brother through university so he doesn't have to choose his education based on money.
27) Embarrass my little brother at his wedding.
28) Never be to busy for family.
29) Learn from my fathers mistakes.
30) Forgive my dad for abandoning me.
31) Not letting my kids grow up without a dad.
32) Try to be a patient person in whatever I do.
33) Teach my kids manors and respect.
34) Own a German shepherd puppy.
35) Live close to a clean quiet stream where my family can play.
36) Always remember to sing even when things aren't going well.
37) Get ahold of old friends.
38) Hear one of my songs on the radio.
39) Learn how to play piano.
40) Figure out what my passion is.
41) Go back to the mountains in Whistler.
42) Get my graphic arts business of the ground.
43) See my brothers graduation.
44) Do something that will make people remember me.
45) vacation in BC.
46) truly master my guitar.
47) Do something embarrassing without caring what anyone thinks.
48) Stay at a 5 star hotel.
49) Finish one of my novels
50) Successfully run a business from home.

Saturday, 22 December 2012


Remember that fight,
Two thirty am,
As everything was slipping right out of our hands,
I ran out crying and you followed me out into the street.
I braced myself for the goodbye because that's all I've ever known,
Then you took me by surprise,
You said I'll never leave you alone.
- Taylor Swift

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Powerpoint is a troll

This is getting tedious. Does anyone know how to make a new allude template on powerpoint. I'm getting sick of having to remake my custom sluice everyone I make a new one.

Buried Life project

Wow this if a lot of visuals. And I had a hard time finding three.